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10 Questions in 10 Minutes for 2010!

In March of 2010, every household will receive a 2010 Census Form.  The 2010 Census is easy: it's consists of just 10 basic questions and it will take the average family 10 minutes complete.  You will only be asked your name, phone number, race, ethnicity, home ownership, number of occupants, and other administrative questions.  Filling out this form is required by law and your answers are protected.  The information you provide will determine how over $400 Billion in federal funds are distributed to the states each year and will help ensure that we get our fair share of representation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

What does the Census 2010 mean for our communities?
Every year more than $400 billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed to the states and the communities in accordance with the results of the census. 
The results of the census affect your representation in the congress as well as the divisions of the electoral and municipal districts. 
The federal support for schools, hospitals, centers, artistic or cultural systems of transport, programs, and many other services are determined by the count of the census. 

Getting to know more about the Census
The Census questionnaire consists of just 10 basic questions and it will take the average family 10 minutes to complete. 
The Census questionnaire form will arrive at your mailbox in March 2010. Fill it out and return it immediately.   
The questionnaire is private. Your personal data is protected by law and it is not shared with anybody. 
The questionnaire is simple and easy to complete. The sample Questionnaires are available in Amharic.

The EHF is a partner of the 2010 Census and has pledge its commitment to share the 2010 Census message and mobilize their constituents in support of the Census Bureau's goal of achieving a complete count. For more information visit:


Census News

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Census results are crucial to many local planning decisions -- such as neighborhood improvements, emergency preparedness and disaster recovery. By MICHELLE SINGLETARY WASHINGTON -- My grandmother, Big Mama, was fearful of divulging much if any of her personal...

Counting Gets Tougher

Language barriers. Cultural diversity. Suspicion about the government. They're all part of the daunting challenge the Census Bureau faces to accurately tally the number of Americans. WILMINGTON, Del. — The pungent aroma of spices, beans and rice fills the...

Groups Seek Better Count

An accurate count could bolster the swelling political clout of Hispanics. Data from the questionnaire will also be used to determine reapportionment for congressional and state legislative districts. By MIRIAM...


Mission Statement

The mission of EHF is to empower the Ethiopian American community through education, advocacy, service and the development of community-based resources; to build a new social, economic and political community in North America; and to promote the culture and history of Ethiopia.

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